Alien Theif

Alien Thief

Giebiht & Tukx –

Giebiht is a thief from a small family who lived on the distant planet of Stueuthea. He is a kleptomaniacal boy with a love for good cooking who now lives with his best friend Tukx, in a small house outside Chicago. Giebiht and his partner in crime Tukx, came to Earth after a biological disaster left their home planet in ruin. After seeing the potential riches Earth had to offer, the two set off to plunder its resources. Originally, the cause was to bring the resources back to Stueuthea and save their planet, but Giebiht’s greed and insecurities led him to stay on Earth and amass a fortune of his own. This fortune includes Giebiht’s beloved Impala, which he of course stole in order to travel the world much less conspicuously. Tukx is often put in the role of Giebiht’s conscious. He continues to try and convince his friend to return to Stueuthea, and save their race. But as much as Tukx would rather be the hero and return, nothing would convince him to leave Giebiht behind. So he, albeit begrudgingly and with hints of sarcasm, follows behind his fearless, greedy leader.

Character Generator:  Physical Description –

This willful guy has beady eyes the color of polished gold. His thick, straight, neck-length hair is the color of the seaweed that grows beneath the ocean’s waters, and is worn in a complex, carefully-crafted style. He is very tall and has a graceful build. His skin is pale. He has a high forehead and thin lips. His wardrobe is attractive, with a lot of red and gray.